Danish national screening for colon cancer started March the 3rd 2014. The purpose of colon cancer screening is to identify cancer in its initial stages, which allows for milder treatment and a better possibility of cure. It is also sometimes possible to find precancerous growths in the preliminary stages, which can be addressed before they turn into cancer.

When the program is fully implemented in 2018, every citizen between age 50 and 74 years will every second year receive an invitation to an examination for blood in their faeces. A small sample of faeces, collected at home, is sent for analysis at a laboratory.

Blood in the faeces can be caused by things other than colon cancer. When blood is found in the faeces, the person is offered a colonoscopy, which is an internal examination of the colon, to identify the source of the blood, whether cancer or another cause.

If you have any symptoms or questions, please contact your general practitioner.
Revised: 25 January 2021